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Perry Hay Brook beaver release - May 2024

The King Yew - February 2024



Perry Hay Brook beaver release - May 2024

We have two new beavers in the Forest!

Beavers were once widespread throughout Britain but were hunted to extinction by the 16th Century. Today, they are a protected species and this is the second enclosure in the Forest of Dean to welcome them in six years.The male and female quietly slipped into different spots of their new 12-hectare home.



The King Yew - February 2024

In the forest we have the King Yew which is one of the largest and oldest of Yews in our country. Ian Standing in his article on "interesting and notable trees of Dean" New Regard 2019 lists this and says " probably several hundred years old" but quotes Mitchell's (1974) formula for dating Yews - that with a girth of 20ft.+ a tree may be 800 -1,000 years old. He states that at 22ft. girth the King Yew is the stoutest yew in west Gloucestershire.

The Yew Map Register has more information and speculates that this yew may be the boundary yew mentioned in the "boundary clause attached to a pre-Conquest charter of Tidenham, Gloucestershire, in which King Eadwig granted land there to the abbey of Bath in AD 956, notes as a landmark on the northern boundary of the estate iwdene i.e. yew valley "