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Pine Martens in the Forest of Dean

Pillowell Community Wildlife Site

Greathough Bat Report

Forest of Dean Butterflies and Moths

Forest Forum

Jack, the Exmoor Pony

A Tribute to Bob Godfrey

Exmoor Ponies in Wigpool GWT Reserve

The Buckstone (camera found)

Toad Volunteers

The Giant's Chair


Pine Martens in the Forest of Dean

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Forestry Commission, and The Vincent Wildlife Trust are currently working together to explore the feasibility of reintroducing pine martens to the Forest of Dean.

This two-year feasibility study will look into all aspects of pine marten biology, how they will affect local ecosystems, and the impacts and opportunities they may provide for people living alongside them. We will be fully assessing the issues, and the reintroduction will not go ahead if the costs clearly outweigh the benefits.

Pine marten are a small omnivore that eat a wide range of different foods. They could be described as a large stoat, are about the size of a domestic cat, but are woodland specialists and often den in trees. They pose no threat to people and may be an important missing link in the ecosystem of the Forest of Dean. They are rare in the UK, with a small population in central Wales and a larger population in Scotland.

We are very interested in hearing your views, and plan to consult widely with all who may be affected through discussions and public meetings.

Keep up to date with the project through our website ()

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with Andrew at


Andrew Stringer

Pine Marten Project Manager, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Bank House,

Bank Street,


Gloucestershire, GL16 8BA

Mobile: 07464486946



Pillowell Community Wildlife Site

A group from the Dean Green Team went to help clear the Pillowell Community Wildlife Site

This show how badly overgrown the site was!

A large friendly frog was found.



Greathough Bat Report

The Herefordshire Mammal Group helped by the Gloucestershire Bat Group and the Forestry Commission surveyed Greathough Valley near to Piano Corner this year. You can download the record here.

The Herefordshire Mammal Web site is: .



Forest of Dean Butterflies and Moths

One of our Dean Green Team members has compiled a record of the Forest of Dean Butterflies and Moths. The data has been collected during our butterfly surveys this year. You can download the record here.

If you wish to contact Kate Wollen with any queries - go to Email: .


Forest Forum

The Forest Forum which is hosted by the Forestry Commission took place on the 19th July 2016. This was a day of visits to various sites with informative details given by expert guests regarding their knowledge of the site flora and fauna. It was the hottest day of the year so far!

We went to:

Edgehills Bog looking at the new conservation grazing project with the Exmoor ponies - led by Kevin Caster and Ben Hanley from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Greathough valley looking at the potential Beaver establishment site led by Derek Gow from Derek Gow Consultancy Ltd.

Moseley Green looking at the Butterfly habitat improvements led by Kate Wollen from the Forestry Commission and Simon Glover from Butterfly Conservation.

Parkend Woods to look at issues with boar, squirrels and muntjac discussions led by Forestry Commission wildlife and conservation staff.


And there were evening presentations at Whitemead Forest Park including:

Butterfly re-introductions (Small Pearl bordered) by Simon Glover from Butterfly Conservation
Pine Marten re-establishment project by Jenny Macpherson from the Vincent Wildlife Trust
Beaver re-establishment and their hydrological work project proposals Derek Gow from Derek Gow Consultancy Ltd
Conservation Grazing Project (Foresters Forest Project) - by Jim Swanson from Hartpury College


The Exmoors at Edgehills Bog

Beaver discussion at Greathough Brook


Jack, the Exmoor Pony

Our oldest Exmoor pony living in the wild on Edgehills bog in the forest is Jack. He has served us for many years on Tidenham Chase and Poors Allotment and was moved to Edgehills a few months ago. However, he needed to be checked by the vet which is a daunting task for us to catch him but we did managed to catch Jack the Exmoor! FC apprentices had built a small corral and he was very hungry so the pony nuts in the bucket did the trick. He was taken to Tidenham Chase and he was seen by the vet where he had his teeth rasped and general health checks. It has been decided that he should live out the rest of his life in a good retirement home which has now been found for him.

Farewell Jack!



This is one of Bob's blue painted and numbered post found at Moseley Green in June 2016


Exmoor Ponies in Wigpool GWT Reserve

The Forest of Dean welcomes 3 Exmoor Ponies called Ivan, Igor and Titch. The new three year old Exmoor ponies moved in to Wigpool Nature Reserve from Devon in May


The Buckstone (camera found)

On the 16th February 2016 the Dean Green Team were at Staunton Meend which is just below the Buckstone. Some of us went up there to have a look at the view and we found a camera on the wall. If you think it is yours then get in touch with us...


Toad Volunteers

The Dean Green Team are helping to erect a new toad barrier crossing on the A4136 at Marians Pond on Tuesday, 9 Feb 2016. Volunteers are required!


The Giant's Chair

This film not only shows the history and the future for the Giant's Chair but also features some of our Dean Green Team members - Howard and Carol, Judith and Pete - many thanks to them. The Chair was taken down on the 20th October 2015 and will be made into a charcoal heap.


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