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3 May 2022

Worrall Hill Garden Waste removal and Foxes Bridge Survey

Grid Ref SO 6017 1446 and SO 644 138


There were two tasks today. In the morning a team went to clear some quite disgusting piles of garden waste from Worral Hill. We were working on the edge of the woods where it backs onto the village of Worrall Hill. People have been dumping garden waste as well as ordinary rubbish so our task was to clear as much as we could. In one instance someone must have dumped some box hedge clippings which rooted and were growing around some native trees so that was removed as well.


Thanks to the help of the Dean Green Team an area of fly-tipped green waste has been cleared. Fly tipping in this area has sadly been recurring for many years, it took a team of 8 volunteers and 2 members of staff, three hours to remove two trailer loads of green waste, litter and bricks from approx. 30 square metres.

Did You Know? - many garden species when put into a woodland environment can spread invasively. Especially species such as Laurel and Rhododendron. Pests and disease can also be transferred in soil.

In the afternoon we did a wildlife survey and split into two groups at Foxes Bridge Tip and the Linear Park wildflower area. This is the area of the old slag heaps which was covered with Bird's Foot Trefoil and Wld Strawberries.

A resting Small Blue butterfly showing the under sides of its wings and the blue colour is hidden on the upper wing side. . In recent years, the Small Blue has lost much of its habitat in the United Kingdom, thus making it a priority species for conservation.

A beautiful Wood White butterfly. Once found in woodland habitats throughout much of England and Wales, the species is now confined to a few localities in the south and west of the country so we are lucky in the forest as they thrive here.

SURVEY AT FOXES BRIDGE TIP - Tuesday 17th May 2022

Wood White 23

Common Blue 5

Grizzled Skipper 1


Dingy Skipper 2

Common Blue 1

Small Heath 1

Wood White 2

Common Blue 2

Common Blue Damselflies 2

Grizzled Skipper 1

We also saw a Heron, Toad Tadpoles and Mayflies


Wood White 3

Orange Tip 1

Brown Silver Line 5

Peacock 2

N. Schwartz Ziella 1

Small Heath 3

Silver Y 5

Lacewing (blue) 2

Red Twin-spot Carpet 1

Green Carpet 1

Burnet Companion 2

Blue Damselfly 1