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31 October 2017

Parson's Allotment

Grid Ref ST559981


This was our first visit to Parson's Allotment which is in Tidenham Chase. Hidden amongst the trees is the Queen Victoria Jubilee Stone dated 1897 which marks her 60 year diamond jubilee. Parson's Allotment was given to the vicar of Tidenham in 1815 as part of the enclosure acts of 1810 to replace the tythes previously given to the church - hence the name 'Parson's'. The Forestry Commission obtained the land in 1929.





This is the stone and it was completely surrounded by trees. Our contractor had felled a lot of the trees on the previous day so we had the task of clearing the site up.





At the end of the day, the area is much more open. The stone had toppled a few years ago until the local residents had it re-erected.





This is an old photo of two local residents (who still live here) which was taken about 30-40 years ago. It is relevant that the terrain surrounding the stone is open heathland. 30-40 years of shrub and tree growth have ruined the view now.