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A good stretch of the ride was cleared which let a lot of light in and provides new habitat for butterflies.
The young growth in this heavily tangled area can be clearly seen

31 October, 2006

Bunjups Wood

Grid Ref SO544112

We have visited this site a couple of times last winter and were progressing with the clearance of overhanging shrub on the rides in order to create more open glades for the butterflies. We were coppicing the hazel wood in particular as the deer appreciate the coppiced and subsequent new growth to nibble on. We could see signs of wild boar on the ground and were aware that these woods had quite a large herd of boar residing there. We also saw a badger sett which we had not noticed last winter so we think it could be a fairly recent one.

One of the species of butterfly we are interested in providing habitat for is the WOODWHITE - Leptidea sinapis


A delicate species that lives in woodland rides and has suffered from the decline in traditional woodland management. In Britain it has declined by more than 60 per cent over 30 years, but in the past decade has staged a come back, with a recent increase of about 10 per cent. It has responded well to habitat management in Herefordshire, Shropshire and Warwickshire,.


Bunjups Wood


Bunjups Wood



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