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We found this enormous funghi - not sure what type it is - can you help!

31 August 2010 and 7 September 2010


The difference in the height of the growth can clearly be seen. we cleared mostly birch, alder, small oak and hawthorn. There was a mass of underlying bramble as well.



This photo was taken in 2008 and shows the cleared area

Wigpool FC/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO653193


Wigpool reserve, with Pit House Pool and Bog nearby, are remnants of the acidic bog and heathland that once covered most of Wigpool Common. The pool, records of which have been traced back to 1282, was until recently in an area of open heath and bog with a few standard Beech trees. We are now attempting to restore this heathland by clearing the Alder, Grey Willow, Birch and Gorse. Species found on this site are Marsh Pennywort, Lesser Spearwort, Marsh Speedwell, Common Marsh-bedstraw, Floating Sweet-grass and numerous sedges. The pool is a good breeding ground for common frogs and Palmate and Smooth Newts.

We are re-visiting this site after 2 years and are amazed at how the vegetation has taken over! The site was totally flattened 2 years ago but, now, the shrub has grown to a height of at least 6 feet so we need to bring it down again, burn it off and apply chemicals to the cut off stems to prevent them re-growing. The weather on the 31st was a clear blue sky, warm and lovely! and started off the same on the 7th but soon got really showery.




Wigpool Heath

Overgrown Heath



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