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31 March 2015

Stenders Quarry GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO659184


Our second day this spring at Stenders Quarry. The team split up into three groups - one group carried on with clearing up the steep bank and burning the debris - one team repaired part of an old stone wall - one team re-aligned the path at the top of the quarry as it was dangerously near the edge!







Dry stone walling using the fallen stones.

Even a well-maintained dry stone wall is not without its holes, nooks and
crannies affording hideaways for a myriad of humble insects and their eggs –
spiders, woodlice, springtails, millipedes, bees and wasps.

The typical style of building combining the wall with an earth bank opens
endless possibilities for wild flowers and herbs.





Although it is difficult to see from this angle the quarry wall is just to the right of the foremost tree and the path used to go right up to it.

We have now blocked the old path and cleared a new one which is much safer.





The Hebridean sheep finally decided that we were not all ogres and came quite near the fire to inspect our work!

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