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30 November 2021

Tidenham Chase Park GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST558992

It was a lovely day to return to Tidenham and contnue creating the heathland by removing the small birch and the large gorse.


At the start of the task, the team are working towards the birch and gorse and preparing the fire.

All the high standing trees at the front of the image were cleared.

We found this old bird's nest in the gorse with a broken egg stiill in it.

We think it is a Dunnock nest (Prunella modularis). Other common names of the dunnock include the hedge accentor, hedge sparrow or hedge warbler. The name "dunnock" comes from the English dun (dingy brown, dark-coloured) and the diminutive ock, and "accentor" is from post-classical Latin and means a person who sings with another.

At the end of the day we had opened up a new large area of heathland.