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30 October 2018

Woorgreen and Crabtree Hill GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO625128


This was our last visit for the time being to the heathland at Crabtree Hill to tackle the invasive birch. Gloucester Wildlife Trust has fenced 30 acres in order to keep the Exmoor ponies and the English Longhorns on the site as they will do a good conservation job for us but the young birch needs to be controlled manually.

We have now opened up the vista across the heathland and all the small birch has gone. We, also, cleared some larch by the main gate as there needs to be a small paddock built there for when the GWT needs to corral the ponies and cattle for vet checks.


Two of the men are working in unison to take down one of the larger birch trees. It did not take them long to do it!

The English Longhorns are only about 18 months old and they have settled down enough for us to work around them and we are not disturbing them.

One of the 10 Exmoor ponies is nibbling on the gorse which is exactly what we want them to do!

The English Longhorns decided to take a break in the sunshine even though the temperature was only just above freezing.