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30 August 2022

Clanna Ponds


We continued with the tackling of the invasive laurel once again around the pond, clearing and opening up the paths.. The large pond is known locally as the Eel Pond and although it still supports smooth newts, frogs, teal and mallards etc, it had become very shaded by the surrounding trees, laurel and rhododendron.

We were tasked with clearing a footpath from the side of the pond/lake up to the waterfall.

The path had become completely overgrown in places with the invasive Laurel. There were also two fallen trees, one of which had come down right across the track but in the end we were able to get up to the waterfall which was a welcome sight.

This demonstrates the thickness of the trees and shrub.

Break time for the team!

The pond on the left is totally covered in algae.