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30 May 2017

Gorsty Knoll, Titanic Steel Work and Ellwood- Wildlife Survey

Grid Ref SO588087


We are doing wildlife surveys through the summer and, this week, we split the team up round Gorsty Knoll, the Titanic Steel Works and Ellwood. Once again, It was unfortunate that the day was overcast and cloudy which meant that butterflies were in short supply.

It was particularly noted that the whole area is greatly overgrown and could do with sheep grazing.


The full report of species found at Gorsty Knoll recorded can be seen here

The full report of species found at Ellwood recorded can be seen here





The team are combing the undergrowth and trying to identify the plants.

Young people who were on school holiday joined in!





A common frog with a very spotted appearance!





This is Germander Speedwell (Veronica chamaedrys) which is abundant in the forest.

Germander speedwell opens its blue flowers in May . Individual flowers have a short life span: they open in the morning, full of nectar and brilliant blue for one day only – the next day they are already withering, changing first to purple and falling to the ground by the evening.