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29 September 2015

Tidenham Chase GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref ST558992


Magnificent weather for us this year on our first trip to continue the birch clearance at Tidenham Chase. A large team of 32 people turned up to help (would we have had so many if it had been raining? - probably!). It was beautiful to be greeted by a herd of Highland and English Longhorn cattle who were very inquisitive as to what we were up to. They mooed a lot for the first hour or so and even drowned out the most vociferous of our members chatting! They were no problem and were quite pleased to nibble on the cut trees before we put them on the fire.

There are over 40 hectares covering this area and last year we successfully cleared nearly 5 hectares. The heathland will be transformed in another couple of years.






The Highland cattle bull is in the middle with magnificent horns.

We found a few of these old nests and the interesting thing about them is that they are lined by the Highland cattle fur and were very soft. They could be Linnet nests.

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