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29 August 2023

Clanna Ponds


We continued with the tackling of the invasive laurel once again around the pond, clearing and opening up the paths. The large pond is known locally as the Eel Pond and although it still supports smooth newts, frogs, teal and mallards etc, it had become very shaded by the surrounding trees, laurel and rhododendron.

We continued to clear the Laurel which is abundant in this area and shades out most other plants. There is a lot still to do but we are making progress. In this photograph you can actually see through the Laurel to daylight and some native trees beyond

It was pleasing to see minimal regrowth where we had worked before. But, its a tough and wily life form, rooting from sagging branches and making a thicket reminiscent of Mangrove colonies!

However, we took our break overlooking the beautiful ponds!