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29 March 2011

This ancient old tree stump was alive with insects and had many holes made by birds.
Now the bank is cleared. This part of the track is owned by the District Council and they did not want us to burn off the debris but to leave it in piles to be picked up by their men - hope they did!

The track along the forest and bank being cleared of bracken.



Linear Park, Cinderford

Grid Ref SO650126

Linear park is a long stretch along the valley at the bottom of Cinderford containing a few ponds and following a cycle track into the forest. It adjoins an area of semi-marshland which is good for butterflies and we were to clear the brush on the banks of the track to open it up for plants which would be beneficial to the butterflies.

We also cleared a lot of the old bracken from the banks to provide nesting areas for the butterflies. We heard a green woodpecker all through the morning. The rain came down quite heavily in the afternoon so work came to a stop then!

Linear track


Bank cleared!


Tree stump


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