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29 January 2013

Woorgreens Lake GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO630127



Last week, we were isolated in the Forest by the snow which, in places, was far more than a foot deep so our task was cancelled due to impassable roads. This week, we now have horrendous rain and squally winds! This did not put a good few of the team off from coming out though!

The plan was to hedgelay along the side of Woorgreen Lake which we had done in previous years (see 2006 )(see 2007 )(see 2010). However, we realised that the hedge was in such a state that the only future for it was to coppice it right down and wait a few years for it to grow again to a reasonable size for hedgelaying.







This is at the beginning of the day whilst we were contemplating the work on the hedge.





The state of the track is a bit of a quagmire (no - that was not just us churning it up!)





We all got into a really muddy state but the task was completed round one side of the lake and we will probably continue round the other side in the future.

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