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This ride has been cleared of gorse and small trees and is now showing really good heather growth which is an aim in these woods
At the end of the day the team are tidying up the site having completed the the work

TThe gorse at the side of the track needed clearing as well as the smaller trees



28 November, 2006

Crabtree Hill FC/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO626128

Another visit to Crabtree Hill as there is a large area to clear of small trees and gorse in order to create heathland and space for heathers. The weather was beautiful although the ground was really sodden from the recent rains. There is an article in the magazine of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust November 2006 describing Woorgreens Lake and Crabtree Hill.Eight years ago Crabtree Hill was growing conifers and only small patches of heathland vegetation remained along the ride sides, but in 1998 the Forestry Commission removed the first area of conifers and the ground was prepared to help restore the site back to its former glory. Long term plans include an increase in the open area as more conifers are removed and the site returns to a mix of heathland, acid grassland, wet boggy areas and open pools and ponds.




Crabtree Hill


Crabtree Hill


Crabtree Hill - heathers

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