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21 September and 28 September 2010

The contractors are clearing the quarry wall of all the greenery that can be seen.
As you can see, the sheep are quite happy to be hand fed now.

The sheep had been called and are lining up for a feed.



Stenders Quarry GWT SSSI Reserve

Grid Ref SO659183

We had plenty of work to do at Stenders Quarry so we went there for two weeks running. Hebridean sheep have been called in to keep the bramble and young trees down. There are fifteen of them and they have become used to one of our members who lives nearby and regularly keeps an eye on them and gives them some sheep pellets. Although they are quite nervous and flighty animals, they have got used to his visits and come when called. We continued with clearing young thorn and birch and the contractors were there to clear the rock face of the quarry using their expertise and ropes.

Hebridean Sheep


Feeding the Hebridean Sheep


Rope work!


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