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28 March 2023

Greathough Brook at Piano Corner

Grid Ref SO621154


We returned to the Beaver Project site for another clear up around the fencing. We do this quite often and we had a chance to enter the site where there is now a massive lake.

Those of us with our dogs kept them out and worked on the outside of the fence.

The Dean Green Team gathered at the Beaver Project site to clear the foliage along the fencing.

Boar diggings surround the outside of the fencing but they cannot get in!

This is inside the site and shows the silted up dam built by the Beavers on the right. At the back is a bank which collapsed due to very heavy rain a while ago. The Beavers have a deep burrow under this bank.


The massive dam where the water above is crystal clear.

Further up the valley there is now extensive water where the Beavers have created substantial lakes. The trap is left there in case it is required.

This is further down the valley where a smaller dam has been built and it can be seen from the track surrounding the site. The FE Rangers are checking the wildlife cameras.