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28 March 2017

Ruardean Woodside Fungi site

Grid Ref SO62911612


We were asked by the Dean Fungus Group ( to clear this site of the invasive hemlock trees growing amongst the pine to allow the spread of the fungus. It is a valuable fungus enclave with many fungi growing in their season and there are some very rare fungi here. We pulled up many of the small hemlocks and were thinning out the larger ones. We also cleared quite a few bags of rubbish strewn about the site.







This is Sarcodon Squamosus, a rare fungus although frequent in parts of northern Scotland it is rarely seen anywhere else in Britain. Its English name is Scaly Tooth and is associated with pine





The fertile undersurface of the cap of a Sarcodon mushroom is covered with spines 4 to 10mm long, white or pale buff, turning purple-brown with age. Just as with most boletes, the fertile layer of Sarcodon fungi can be separated easily from the rest of the cap flesh, which is said to be edible but rather bitter in taste.





The dense bushy hemlock can be seen in the background.

A female boar with the tiniest humbugs was seen scuttling away not far from the site.

It is a beautiful glade with some very mature trees and the canopy is relatively open due to the tall pines so there was a lot of bilberry growing on the ground floor. The bottom of the image shows the bilberry poking up.