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28 January 2020

Plump Hill Autumn Gentian site and Quarry

Grid Ref SO660168



This was our annual visit to Plump Hill Autumn Gentian site and Quarry. We rake and clear shrub on the top of the hill every year to preserve the limestone grassland. Last year, fencing was installed to prevent the feral boar from churning the ground over as it is an important site for wildflowers such as - Autumn Lady's-tresses, White Horehound, Harebell, Carline Thistle, Dwarf Thistle, Fairy Flax and Blue Fleabane. We are hoping to get sheep this year as grazing is the best form of preservation .





Soggy piles of dead grass and shrub were collected for a slow burning fire. Three enormous bags of litter were also collected mostly from along the track where the cars were parked





This is the view from across the massive old dolomite quarry which was worked extensively at the turn of the century for road metal and kiln lime.





The team are huddled up for a break as the wind was quite vicious!