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28 January 2014

The Bearse

Grid Ref SO573058



A return to the Bearse to continue clearing a track as a butterfly corridor. This was one of the wettest days we have ever had with a deluge of rain falling. Thankfully, we all had sufficient water proof clothing on which dripped consistently while we cut, drag and burnt the overhanging trees beside the track. We did finish the job and leave a bit earlier than normal so that we could get home and dry off!







It is amazing that, even in the worst and wettest of weather, our stalwart crew can still light a fire using nothing but some old newspaper and little twigs!





Slade Brook

At the bottom of the track from where we were working is Slade Brook which was in full flood. Many streams were gushing down the hill into the brook and it was flowing fast.






The colour of the water is due to the limestone Travertine sands and the little dams in the photo of the stream are made of old deposits of the sand.

















































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