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27 November 2012

Stenders Quarry GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO659183



We have had a week of torrential rain and many of the roads in the Forest of Dean are still flooded. The morning was dank, dark and wet but, because of the work we have already done at Stenders Quarry, the aspect is now more open and not as gloomy as it used to be. As expected after the horrendous weather, only a few of the team turned up but we managed to clear an area at the top of the hill and had a good fire going.







This mine entrance is now exposed by the gate to the reserve and is approximately 100 yards long. It has been inspected by a bat expert who confirmed that Lesser Horseshoe Bats live in it.

The Lesser Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros), is a type of European bat related to but smaller than its cousin, the Greater Horseshoe Bat. The species gets its name from its distinctive shaped nose. is one of the world's smallest bats, weighing only 5 to 9 grams, with a wingspan of 192-254 mm and a body length of 35-45 mm. It has strong feet that it uses to grasp rocks and branches, and can see well in spite of its small eyes.






This is the view of the quarry from up above and the extent of the clearing can well be seen as the grassy areas were previously covered with trees and shrubs.






The workers at the bottom of the hill are tending the fire.




















































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