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27 October 2009

We have cleared the brush on the right of the picture and are burning it away. The larger trees on the left will probably be cleared by contractors.
The area we are going to clear is at the back of the picture. It was not too dense but there was a great deal of small, twiggy trees.

The team are following the Gloucestershire Wildlife Ranger, who is all decked up to commence chain sawing, across the quarry to the far end.



Stenders Quarry GWT SSSI Reserve

Grid Ref SO659183

Stenders Quarry was originally excavated for the limestone which was taken by tram or railway over the existing road to a cement works nearby. It must have been an enormous work place then. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust took over the maintenance of this site about 40 years ago and we were there to continue removing small brush at the far end of the quarry. The sides of the quarry are quite steep which made for some careful placing of our feet to prevent slippage.

Stenders Quarry


Stenders Quarry


Burning the brush


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