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27 September 2019

Linear Park

Grid Ref SO650126


Today was a Friday which was an unexpected day for us to be out but there had been a delivery of wild flower plug plants which needed to be put in at the Linear Park butterfly reserve. A few of us were there and, in between the showers, we probably planted about 1000 plants. They were mostly dog violets and trefoil.

It was interesting to see the plants which had survived the hot summer and the wild strawberries are certainly flourishing. One of our team spent the day clearing the bramble runners which were creeping over the clay humps.





Wet weather clothes were certainly needed!

It was great to hear that every common butterfly for the Forest of Dean had been spotted on this site during the summer except for the Wood White.





We found this moth which is an Angle Shades (Phlogophora meticulosa)

A highly distinctive and unusual moth, which rests with the wings folded longitudinally, looking very much like a withered autumn leaf. The adults generally fly between May and October, in at least two generations, but can be found in any month. The species is also a common migrant and can occur in large numbers at coastal locations. It occurs throughout Britain, commonly in places, and more so in the south.

Lots of plants ready to go in. These are the violets and they were planted in the edges of the humps.

This is the view from the air of the humps in the butterfly enclosure which was probably taken when they were created but now there is a lot more foliage covering them.