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27 September 2016

Clearwell Meend

Grid Ref SO577080


Normally at Clearwell Meend we are raking up the escarpment after it has been strimmed but, this year, the Harebells are still in flower so we tackled the ponds which were very overgrown by the surrounding Willow trees. It was surprising that there was so little water in the ponds but that made it easier for us to traverse the soggy, spagnum ground. We piled all the cuttings in the surrounding woodland.






The team are being instructed at the start of the day about the impending tasks. There was a small area of grass and bracken being strimmed for us to rake up.

This is actually one of the ponds although no water can be seen!

This is the same pond after the surrounding Willow has been cleared.





This was the only pond containing water although even that is hard to see in this photo. Under the Willow, we found a totally smothered area of Water Lilies so it was good to give them some breathing space!

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