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27 September 2011

The access over the bottom of the lake proved hazardous to our crew! It took a while to yank him out of the clay leaving a wellington boot well stuck!


This shows the drainage channel leading to Foxes Bridge Bog

Woorgreen Lake Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO630127


Woorgreens Lake has been drained! The sluice gate was opened to allow the lake to drain into Foxes Bridge Bog.

Woorgreens Lake is the Forest of Dean’s best dragonfly site, on which seventeen species are recorded. However, carp had been introduced into the lake and they are predators of the dragonfly larvae and have caused a problem to the bio diversity within the lake. Woorgreens is a man made lake with an island in the middle. The island is totally overgrown and these shrubs and trees need thinning out now.


The clay bottom of the lake and the island in the middle.


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