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27 August 2019


Grid Ref SO584023

We had not been to Clanna for 9 years. During 2007 - 2010 there were quite a few visits to this site as the invasion of the laurel needed regular attendance. The time has now come where the woods which surround the lake are impenetrable due to laurel re-growth. The old canal surrounding the woods could no longer be seen. Really the whole area is depressing due to neglect and there was no way that we could see or find the old canal system that we unearthed years ago.

The whole site also looked smaller because of encroachment and pond weed. The days task was to open up the paths to make them safer for walkers. We made reasonable progress and opened up a nice area overlooking the lake. We produced about 15 yards of new path to bypass a wasp nest on the original at one point. One of the team and Pip, the dog, both got stung!

We couldn't access the other side of the
lake via our old stepping stone route as they
have all been knocked off.

Creating a path through the very high and dense vegetation.

Little did they know as they sat down for lunch by the lake that there were two wasp nests either side of them!