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27 March 2012

Edgehill Heathlands/Plump Hill Long Ponds

Grid Ref SO658167



Well... this has been an amazing week for clear blue skies and summer temperatures even though we are still in March. The day was hot and sultry leading to sunburnt arms and, in the case of a few of the men who stripped down to their waists, sunburnt chests!

We had planned to work on the heathland but it was decided to go to the ponds and clear the willow and birch around them. We did not have a fire to burn the brush as it was thought to be unadvisable considering the dryness of the tussocks of grass surrounding the area.







The larger pond was clear and cool and we cleared the surrounding willow.





This is the pond in the afternoon after the willow edges had been removed.






Time for a break!

Sitting in the sunshine near the smaller pond.

















































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