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27 March 2007

The brush hedging on the right will soon rot down and the log piles will be populated by many insects and fungi.
The site is now much more open and will encourage wild plants and butterflies to populate it.

The early morning fog makes the site look dreary but it was beautiful to see the sun shine through after about an hour.



Grid Ref SO588087

Near the Darkhill Ironworks there is a cycle track which follows through to Coleford. Along the edge of this cycle track is an area of Sweet Chestnut trees that had been badly ravaged by squirrels. We had worked on this site a month ago and continued making log piles and a brush hedge to open up the area. Violets grow along the track so they should spread through the opened area. We were helped by a couple of local residents who regularly count the glow worms in the summer and last July they counted 80 glow worms. They also said that there were many snakes and lizards frequenting the open spaces near this site.


Early morning fog!


The sun is out!


Milkwall after clearance


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