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27 February 2018

Highmeadow Woods, Shortstanding

Grid Ref SO567133



We went deep into the forest to clear a large glade around a pond in Highmeadow Woods near to Shortstanding. The temperature was barely above freezing even though we had a lot of wintry sunshine throughout the day. Dry snow, coming from the east of the country, flickered down upon us all day and left a fine covering. However, we were all well wrapped up and the fire kept us warm!





It is not obvious in this image but the snow was actually falling! It is so unusual for snow to fall while the sun is also shining! Large clouds came over us quite often.





The pond was iced over which allowed the snow to settle.

A lot of the cut trees were used to build a barrier fence around the pond which then had only one entrance. This was to stop the boar from eroding the pond banks.







There was a gradual thawing of the pond during the day and the brush fence is now complete.

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