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27 January 2015

Mallards Pike/Moseley Green

Grid Ref SO637088


This was a day to prepare this area in the forest for the Pearl bordered Fritillary butterfly on behalf of the Butterfly Conservation Trust. The butterfly is known to frequent and breed around this site so we were clearing the bracken and grass as well as making a larger butterfly corridor in the woods at Moseley Green. The team were split in two for these tasks and, although we did not have our usual fire, the weather was quite balmy for this time of year.


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There was a lot of work scraping back the dead bracken in the hope that marsh violets would grow instead. We piled the bracken in lines as the butterfly often uses that to shelter in.





At rest with the conifers leading down to Mallards Pike in the background.





Pink forks!!!

Has our ranger who supplied these got very feminine?





Some of the very prickly Hawthorn was taken out near the bracken to allow more light into the glade.


The area at Moseley Green having the dead or diseased trees removed

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