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27 January 2009

This is just an example of the woodland we would be clearing at the start of the day!
The fungi is called Sarcoscypha, more commonly known as Scarlet Elf Cap. The area between Great Berry Quarry and Piano Corner is a very popular site for fungal forays.

At the bottom of the valley but slightly above Greathough Brook is this lovely little natural spring. It is always clear water and greatly appreciated by dog walkers!

By the side of the pool is a filled in entrance to an old drift mine which goes way back through the hill side.



Greathough Brook, Piano Corner

Grid Ref SO622164

It has been two years since we last visited this site and, luckily, the weather was not too cold as this valley is a real frost pocket, The trees we were clearing at the bottom of the valley were very brittle to cut as the sap has not started to rise yet and there was a lot of 'springback' and 'whiplash' from the branches as we cut them.

We were clearing the site for the butterflies. We managed to get two good fires burning to clear up the brush.




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