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26 November 2013

Edgehills Bog GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO660154


The heathland at Edgehills is a regular site for us as we continue with the birch clearance and herbicide application. The area is vast but the effects of applying the herbicide can be clearly seen now so we carry on to a new stretch of the heathland each time. The ground is very undulating underfoot but, this time, it was not so wet. There are good signs of large heather clumps appearing where we had previously cleared.

One of our team on his way to the site in the morning had to stop his car as there were some wild boar crossing the road. He counted them - there were 19 of them!






This photo was taken at the start of the day and demonstrates the jungle of small birch which has grown here in the past couple of years.





The ranger is using the herbicide in the bucket to paint on the stumps as we cut the birch. Stumps need to be treated within half an hour of being cut for the herbicide to be effective.





At the end of the day a few of the team are watching the fire as it gradually dies down.

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