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26 October 2021

Flaxley Woods

Grid Ref SO675159

Flaxley woods - The name of the parish suggests that flax was grown in a clearing in the Westbury brook valley before the place was given to the Cistercians for an abbey in the mid 12th century.  It also contained the woods around the abbey, which Henry III granted to the monks for firewood in 1227. Nowadays, the woods are still extensive and are a noted site for Dormice where nesting boxes have been put out on trees.

Our task was to clear away the brush left by the contractor who had, previously, cut back a wide swathe of trees. The area is to have a deer fence around it so that the Dormice can live in peace.


On arrival at the barrier entrance our Ranger was very disappointed that, out of a large team, only two people actually saw the arrow pointing out the direction!

We had to wait until all of the team had arrived and then drive a very long way through the forest in convoy to the work site!


The fence line travelled a long way down the hill. We didn't have a fire but stacked the brush further in the trees remaining.

This is the same view of the track after we had cleared it. It is advantageous to have a large team as 'many hands make light work' !