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The footpath signpost was re-marked using indelible ink as it had totally worn away. This signpost is situated along the Highmeadow Trail



The dry stone wall is now exposed and the large branch in the forefront was also removed


The team are inspecting the branches that need to be cut over the dry stone wall

26 September, 2006

Staunton Meend,Staunton

Grid Ref SO543123

One of the last beautiful days of summer was had on the rejuvination of the heathland at Staunton Meend. This September has been recorded as the warmest September ever. The team had visited this site twice in the spring of 2006 and it is about 12 hectares in size so needs a lot of work to regain the heathland environment. During the summer, a great deal of bracken bashing had been done in the areas we had cleared during the spring and this will be an ongoing task in the next few years. The team were split into three. One team were at the top of the hill by the Buckstone with the task of clearing low growing branches which were overhanging an old dry stone wall and causing the wall to crumble. This wall is being re-built slowly by an expert as the whole area needs to be enclosed to contain animals. One team carried on clearing large birch at the lower end of the site and the other team planted over 200 flowering sprigs of heather on exposed rocky ground.





Re-painting the signpost



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