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26 April 2016

Foxes Bridge Colliery Tip

Grid Ref SO639136


The Dean Green Team did a survey of the plants, trees, animals and birds at Foxes Bridge Colliery Tip. The ground from the old colliery tip which contained a lot of slag is ideal for heathland plants and there was extensive evidence of the boar living in the gorse bushes. We found an amazing 40 different species of plants evidence of 4 types of animals 9 types of birds seen or heard including a Cuckoo 6 different types of trees on the slag which does not include the surrounding forest trees.

As we left the site, we were caught in a blizzard of snow, hail and sleet - it is the end of April and winter has not finished with us yet!





This scene was taken from the highest point of the old slag heap. It demonstrates the rejuvenation after years of open slag.





The team are searching along the lower part of the old tip and consulting their reference books as it is too early for most of the flowering plants to be in bloom so their leaves are the only clue.





These are our results and we think that they show how diverse the wildlife is here.




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