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19 April 2011 and 26 April 2011

This is the stream on the 19th April and the wild garlic is barely in flower. However, if you look at the next photo, taken a week later, the effect is astonishing!

The bluebells have flowered much earlier this spring.

The familiar native bluebell, Hyacinthoides non-scripta, is characteristic of woodlands, hedges and other shady places. Almost half the world's population of this species is found in the UK.

The garlic is just coming out all over the area!

Wild Garlic - Allium ursinum

This species is characteristic of old established woodlands. It is often found in dappled shade conditions in damp meadows, along stream sides and in shady hedges. Flowers are hermaphrodite (they have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by bees and other insects.

The Bearse

Grid Ref SO573058

Two returns to the Bearse. The unusually hot weather on the 19th caused the team to flag during the afternoon and an early departure was required! On the 26th the weather was still warm but a lot of work was done to remove invasive tree growth along a line which has been opened up to encourage butterflies.

We had a report of a Goshawk nest in the area and a couple of us went to investigate. Way up high in a Douglas Fir, we could see an enormous nest but, although we waited to see the Goshawk we were out of luck. However, it was certainly a nest for these birds as Goshawks nest high up in trees and it is the male that does the building. The nest is an untidy construction of twigs lined with bark.

The Bearse is a geological site for Travatine Sand and is reputed to be the only site in south west England where the sand can be seen although it is covered in moss in the stream. Travertine is a sedimentary rock. It is a natural chemical precipitate of carbonate minerals; typically aragonite, but often recrystallized to, or primarily, calcite.Travertine forms as calcium carbonate is deposited from the water of mineral springs or rivulets that are saturated with dissolved calcium bicarbonate.





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