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26 January 2016

Edgehills Bog GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO660154


Well...It was the windiest and wettest day for a long time and, even with waterproofs on, we all got soaked to the skin! However, most of us prefer to be out in the forest rather than being sat by a warm fire - maybe.....

Edgehills Bog has now got a fence all around it and the workmen were putting up the final gate so that the Exmoor ponies can be moved there fairly soon and they will keep the heathland healthy. We have made quite a few trips to this site and have gradually removed the invasive birch trees and we continued to do this.







The radio masts are just outside the new fencing so we were to clear the birch in front of them.





Although it was wet, the terrain was not too bad to work on and you can see the heather and small gorse which is spreading well.





This is at the end of the day and the birch has been cleared. We left a few small beech trees..

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