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25 June 2019

Linear Park and Foxes Bridge

Grid Ref SO650126 and SO6386136

Yet again! Torrential rain fell with half a month's rain in the last twenty four hours! The forest was flooded in many places.

However, a small team went out to see whant they could find. Despite the wet they had a good morning - seeing:

4 Painted Ladies (it seems it is a good for this migrant so far);

1 Wood white;

1 Cinnabar moth;

4 Common Blue;

1 Brown silver-line moth;

2 Meadow Brown;

5 Small Heath;

4 Burnet Companion moths;

1 Red Admiral;

1 Speckled Wood;

5 Blue tail Damseflies;

Also a Moorhen; Wren; Willow Warbler; Green Woodpecker; Green Finch; Blackbird; Carrion Crow; Chaffinch; Blackcap and a rabbit!


These areas and the forest road behind the sewage works really are fantastic butterfly and moth (and other wildlife) sites. Last survey four weeks ago, found nearly 50 wood whites here and still in the rain if we can see all of the above species, it shows what a valuable site it is.

We have never seen it so wet

This is the newly formed swamp at the bottom of the flat open area below the Foxes Bridge pond.

The brook leading down to the small lakes at Linear Park had nearly overwhelmed the footbridge! The brook is usually 3-4 feet lower than this and meanders through.