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25 February 2014

Clearwell Meend

Grid Ref SO581087




Another day at Clearwell Meend where the weather stayed good in the morning but rain came in the afternoon. The work we have done on the Meend over the last few years has paid off as the Autumn Tresses are spreading across the area. Surprisingly, there is no evidence of wild boar rooting on the Meend although they are abundant in the area. We think this might be because it is shallow limestone so there is not much for the boar to dig up - hopefully!







There was a distinct division of labour on this day. The girls (and there is not many of us!) were on the grassland doing the raking which is, in fact, hard work round the ant hills but the men were in the thicket cutting back the hedgerow.

Have the men got a problem with the rakes???





An increasing range of limestone escarpment was opened up by the thicket clearing.





A lot of wood was cut which is useful for the members who needed bean sticks.

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