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25 January 2011

The bank behind the wall was completely covered by shrub at the start of the day and is now quite open which has removed the darkness of this stretch of the quarry.
At the bottom of the track we laid a fire and piles of logs.

The track up from the bottom of the quarry where we were to remove the scrubby thorn on the right of the image..



Stenders Quarry GWT SSSI Reserve

Grid Ref SO659183

The hebridean sheep have been moved to a sheltered field during the worst of the winter but will be back at this site in the future. We continued cutting a lot of small thorn and treating the stumps with herbicide to inhibit the re-growth. This work was on the steep sides of the quarry and was quite painful on the ankles - not to mention the skidding down on our backsides!

We also removed some larger trees and this will provide more light for other species to grow.

Quarry path




Quarry bank


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