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19 and 24 November 2015

Tidenham Chase GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref ST558992


Two very different days, weatherwise, for working at Tidenham Chase!

Thursday, the 19th, was a day or pouring rain which meant that there was no point in herbiciding the stumps as the rain would just wash it away. Therefore, we decided to remove the birch which was obstructing the view across the heathland from the main track knowing that this job would probably be redone in a couple of years!

Tuesday, the 24th, turned out to be a lovely day and we worked in two separate groups across the heathland.






Sopping wet weather but we can still get a fire started!





We might look as docile as the highland cattle all grouped around their watering trough, but we are tough workers!





We can now see right across the heathland to the far conifer trees.

The highland cattle have been moved to their winter quarters and there are good signs of the impact they have made on the area.

The herbicide spraying on the stumps needs to be done very quickly after the birch has been cut and is specific to the stumps only.




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