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The ride has now been well cleared and there are 'D' shaped glades at intervals along the ride.
Time for a coffee break!
The 3-4 year growth can be clearly seen at the outset of the clearance

24 October, 2006

Brierley Banks

Grid Ref SO627155

This was another glorious autumn day which brightened up from a gloomy start. We hadn't visited this site before and were pleasantly surprised to find the ride up to the work area teaming with fallen sweet chestnuts. The sweet chestnuts this year are very plump and abundant. The woods on Brierley Banks are predominately sweet chestnuts and they had been cut down about 3-4 years previously which meant that very bushy re-growth had occured causing the rides to become overgrown. This area is well known for the bluebells in spring and we wanted to create glades to allow for wild flowers.



Brierley Banks


Brierley Banks Coffee Break


Brierley Banks

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