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24 May 2016

Mallards Pike and Moseley Green

Grid Ref SO637088


The Dean Green Team did a survey of the plants, trees, animals and birds at Mallards Pike and Moseley Green. We were particularly searching for Common Dog-violets which are the food source for the increasingly rare Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. It was a beautiful sunny day and a few different species of butterflies were seen.





The team are being briefed about where to look and what to find. We split up into groups of 2-3 and headed off to cover quite a large area.

There was a large clump of Marsh Marigolds growing in the pond next to where we parked the cars.





On reaching their designated area to survey, one of the groups immediately came across a small herd of 7 fallow deer. This was especially welcome and the deer just trotted off into the deeper forest!





This is the track which has a stream alongside it where we had cleared some saplings last year and planted some marsh violets.

Lets hope the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterflies find it!





These are our results and we think that they show how diverse the wildlife is here.




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