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24 January 2023

Foxes Bridge settling pond and Wild flower area at Linear Park

Grid Ref SO 644 138


The team met at Foxes Bridge and we divided into two groups as some of us walked up a track to the settling ponds whilst others walked down to the wild flower scrapes at Linear Park. The group at the settling ponds were clearing along the line of the fencing. The group at the wildflower area were clearing bramble and raking..


Foxes Bridge

The fenceline had been smothered by foliage.

The Birch had a lot of evidence of the larvae of the White Barred Clearwing Moth which is why it was not cut down to ground level.

This is a sign of the White Barred Clearwing moth larvae which is quite an endangered species.

White-barred Clearwing Moth (Synanthedon spheciformis)

Wingspan 26-31 mm. Locally distributed in south-east and north-west England and parts of Wales including the Forest of Dean

It flies in June and can be attracted by the use of pheromones in suitable areas.

The larvae feed on birch (Betula) and alder (Alnus), burrowing into the wood and remaining in this stage for two or possibly three years..



Wild flower area at Linear Park

The frost was very bright until the sun slowly melted it!

A fox was seen slowly trotting away from us

We went along the banks where we removed loads of bramble which had stretched across the banks.

The bracken area was raked into long piles to clear the ground in the hope that wild violets would appear.