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23 November 2021

The Doward

Grid Ref SO54801581

We had not been to the Doward for about five years . We split into two groups - one group drove down the steep hill for about a mile as there was an area which is noted as a wildflower site - the other group cleared and coppiced the glade near to King Arthur's Cave car park.


This is the wildflower site and, as you can see, it is smothered in bracken. We needed to clear this to allow spring wildflowers encouragement to grow.

We raked the bracken away and piled it all in the tree line.

We found a collection of large fungi but it is difficult to identify. However, it could be :- White Domecap (Lyophyllum connatum) which is quite a sight in the disturbed soil beside woodland footpaths as the White Domecap fruits either singly or in small clusters.

Clearing the coppice.

We were instructed to leave any Spindle and Viburnum lantana, commonly known as the Wayfaring tree