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22 October 2013

Stenders Quarry GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO659184




Limestone grassland restoration in a difficult steep and uneven site. This is a difficult site to work in due to terrain but very much worth the effort. The rain was pouring down throughout the morning which made the footing on the steep slope very slippery. However, we removed the small trees and burnt them away. Over the years, we have opened up a lot of the quarry and, in the summer, a good variety of limestone loving wild flowers can now be seen including many orchids.

The hebridean sheep regularly graze in this site and they were there whilst we were working although, they are so shy, we did not see them.








The path along the base of the quarry leads to the small trees in the distance which we were to cut down.





Up on the slope, the fire eventually got going. It was hard work to drag the branches up or down the slope without slipping over.





It is difficult to guage the angle of the slope from this image but ropes would have been handy!

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