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22 September 2009

The ditch travels all along this picture to the far trees in the distance. There was gorse, bracken and small birch to clear.


Moseley Green

Grid Ref SO6329608734

We had done a butterfly survey along this ditch in the summer and had been looking for signs of the small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly. We found marsh violets in the ditch which the butterfly are particularly keen on so the plan was to clear the ditch sides to allow the marsh violets to grow.

One of our members told the story of how he had taken up summer holiday work with the Forestry Commission, whilst still a schoolboy, 50 years ago and had worked in this area. He was actually paid for this work and earned enough money to buy a bicycle with which he then cycled to Wales.

Two deer were seen departing from our site.

Moseley Green


Moseley Green

The team are having a morning break!








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