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22 May 2018

Foxes Bridge Colliery Tip and old Trax Site - Wildlife Survey

Grid Ref SO638136


Members of the Dean Green Team took part in a wildlife survey at Foxes Bridge Colliery Tip and old Trax Site. We split into three groups and recorded the plants and species.  One group walked the main track as far as the track up onto the open colliery spoil site (not many plants in the centre of this open dry area with notable exception of Weld, Coltsfoot and a few other isolated plants at far end). Another group went to the lake (pictured above) and mended the hedge planting tree guards which had probably been turned over by the boar. The weather was good and sunny and there was an absolute abundance of Wood White butterflies.

The full report of species recorded can be seen here and there are more photos of the species found on the report.

The lake has a lot of water plants growing especially wild mint. We were surprised to find few dragonflies today although there were a lot of damselflies.







Checking the smaller pond which is situated next to the larger pond. Many bulrushes growing.





One of the many Wood White butterflies seen today.