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22 March 2011

Ridley Bottom Nature Reserve GWT

Grid Ref SO563985

A hedgelaying lesson! The site at Ridley Bottom, which is abundant with wild flowers in the summer, is being really tidied up and a great deal of the over hanging trees and bushes have been removed. We now wanted to lay the hedges along the middle of the little fields as these had not been done for many years. We were given instructions by Neil from the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and proceeded with the work.

Some of us removed the branches along the hedge which were either growing the in the wrong direction or were not the hazel which we were trying to lay. We used the larger stems removed to make into stakes to secure the laying. Some of us stoked the fire to burn off the brush which was no longer required. Some of us then manouvered the standing hazel to lay it at an angle and intertwine with the stakes.

It was a slow but interesting process and will take a few more visits before the hedge is fully laid.

Work continues on the laying and the whispy strands for interlocking through the staked can be seen on the ground.
The layed hedge is beginning to materialise and the stakes are in place.

Receiving instructions from Neil as to where we are to cut and how we are to lay the hedge.





Signs of the hedge!


Some work completed!


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